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Overdrive is a library service for borrowing eAudiobooks. Using your library card you can browse for titles to download to a phone or tablet using the ‘Libby’ App from Overdrive, or to your PC or Mac. You will also have access to Overdrive Kids and Teens where you can download some fantastic audiobooks.

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Borrowbox offers a wide choice of eAudiobooks for you to borrow and listen to through the ‘BorrowBox’ App for phones and tablets. You can also download your audiobooks to your PC or Mac

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RBdigital offers a wide range of eAudiobooks that you can listen to on your phone, tablet or PC using the ‘RBdigital’ App. The App also gives you access to over ninety UK eMagazines including New Scientist, Hello!, Radio Times and National Geographic.

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East of Croydon / Sue Perkins

Penguin presents the audiobook edition of East of Croydon written and read by Sue Perkins. A few years ago I was asked if I'd like to make a documentary on the Mekong River, travelling from the vast delta in Vietnam to the remote and snowy peaks of Tibet. Up until that point, the farthest East I'd been was Torremolinos, in the Costa Del Sol. Here's the thing: I am scared of flying. I have zero practical skills. I can't survive if I am more than a three minute walk from a supermarket. For the last seven years I have suffered with crippling anxiety I bolt when panicked. I cannot bear to witness humans or animals in distress I have no ability to learn languages. I am a terrible hypochondriac And I am no good with boats. So I said yes.

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A walk in the woods / Bill Bryson

The Appalachian Trail covers 14 states, and over 2,000 miles. It stretches along the East Coast of the United States, from Maine in the north to Georgia in the south. It is famous for being the longest continuous footpath in the world. (Compare this with the Pennine Way, which is a mere 250 miles long.) It snakes through some of the wildest and most spectacular landscapes in America, as well as through some of its most poverty-stricken and primitive backwoods areas - Redneck country - Moonshine, Lil' Abner, there's bears in them thar hills. Remember the film Deliverance?

God only knows what possessed Bill Bryson, a reluctant adventurer if ever there was one, to undertake this gruelling hike and write about it in A walk in the woods. Perhaps it was just a long-held ambition to lose weight: he has lost two stone so far. As he recently wrote from the trail to his publisher:

'Speaking of vigorous exercise, boy have I just had some. Maine was a bitch. I want you to come back and walk it with me so that when you die if you go to hell you will be able to say: "Call this hell? Try walking across Maine in August."'

Reared in the tradition of Mark Twain, James Thurber and S.J. Perelman, Bryson used his many years in Britain to soak up a peculiarly English sense of irony and humour and to hone a laugh-out-loud style that is uniquely, hilariously, his own.

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