believe-IN. Make it Happen! ®

believe-IN. Make it Happen! ®

Marcia Pinho started believe-IN after simultaneous events changed both her personal and professional life, inspiring an interest in adult development and leading her to complete a Graduate Diploma in Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University. The business offers professional services in life changes and transition management, helping adults to improve their decision-making and achieve exceptional life outcomes. We spoke to her about the role BIPC Glasgow played when she first started her business and her top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.



Tell us a bit about your background

I have fourteen years of marketing experience, starting my career as a Marketing Assistant and progressing through other marketing and sales roles to become Marketing Director. Having left the corporate world in 2014, I’ve since dedicated myself to People’s development and adjustment to change (please visit LinkedIn profile for more details).

I have guided my life path on a set core personal values: Integrity. Equality. Humanity. Leadership. Education. Independence. Autonomy. Curiosity. Creativity. Knowledge. Understanding.

What inspired you to start your own business?

As a result of my experience of undergoing concurrent life-events changing both personal and professional life within ten-months, which lead me to a psychosocial transition. I became interested in Life-Span psychology, particularly adult development - the impact of change & transitions in adults’ emotional and cognitive performance and its outcomes in well-being and mental health.

Changes, whether positive or negative, are a significant source of stress. Life-Events & Transitions can lead to a psychological decline or turn into a personal growth opportunity. Life-Events broadly accepted as stressful occurrences in adulthood can result in psychosocial transitions. Transitions are a type of change involving personal discontinuity, identity change, acquisition of new assumptions and behaviours. It is a complex process, not absent from the feeling of loss, grief, fear, anxiety, and stress. For this reason, I completed Psychology, at Glasgow Caledonian University, so believe-IN conducted the first known research on the “lived experience of fear during life-events and its implications to well-being”! We obtained a description of feeling fear but also directions on how to prevent it!

I truly believe in education, so fostering personal growth to prevent psychological decline, for greater well-being and mental health was a natural choice when conceptualizing believe-IN | Life Academy. Combining those life-changing experiences and a new life purpose, a market need, with my management background it gave birth to believe-IN.

Tell us a little bit about your business

Our purpose is to prevent psychological decline and fostering personal growth for a greater sense of well-being and mental health on our clients and communities. In changing moments, believe-IN supports our clients; facilitating change step-by-step, while promoting personal growth. We act purposefully to stimulate conditions and facilitating the enhancement of the ability to cope with change, growth and development for efficient decision-making and life planning, in adulthood.

In Scotland, 40.3% of the population is age 30-44 and 45-59 years old. Every adult will go through life-changing events and transitions, as hallmarks in their growth, however lacking adult development interventions and life skills education to cope with change to prevent psychological decline caused by stressful changes. We offer Adult Development Intervention Programs, Workshops & Events, and Life Skills Training to assist our clients in defining and implement Life Strategic Planning, to develop Emotional Intelligence & Cognitive Performance during Life-changing events and Transitions.

Aiming to prevent psychological decline caused by stressful life-changing events & transitions, believe-IN work is to guide people, step-by-step, throughout change while developing new life skills, towards becoming a fully functioning person, in their full potential. “Prevention is better than cure”


Business & IP Centre

How did you hear about BIPC @ The Mitchell?

Through the Mitchell Library, as I was using the space as my temporary office.

What steps did you take to get involved with the BIPC?

I used the website and learnt about the events. I believe I went to all workshops that took place in August and then some in September 2019. Now less often, but still going to a few. I also used Business opportunity profiles and factsheets (COBRA), and Intellectual Property workshops.

How did BIPC help you start and/or grow your business?

At the time I needed to understand the UK market, policies, and ways of making business, and it helped to initiate this process.

What have you achieved by using the BIPC?

Would highlight the following ones; Finding all of the resources in one location. A prestigious central venue where I could work as an entrepreneur without enough resources to hire a monthly office. Free access to information. Acquired new skills through workshops.

The Future

What are your business goals for the next 2 years?

  • Publish a scientific paper “the lived experience of fear during life-changing events, and its       implication to subjective wellbeing”.
  • Increase brand awareness and sales results.
  • Establish the believe-IN | Life Academy, in Glasgow, in its own building the Life Academy offers:
         1) Adult Development Intervention Programs 
         2) Workshops & Events 
         3) Life Skills Training 
         4) Yoga &Meditation.
  • Write a book.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting their own business but doesn’t know where to begin?

I believe it is crucial to have an idea or to initiate a process of developing one. Entrepreneurship is a process, not something that happens overnight. Once you have your business idea its necessary to find the resources that will help you make it happen, reaching your goals and targets. It seems to me important that you have already or have initiated a process of developing management/business knowledge – there are plenty of good practices, and valuable knowledge in both the academic and corporate world. Find a “marketing management” book, and follow its structure – I would recommend, Michael Porter; Philip Kotler, and Kevin Lane Keller. Go to the foundations of marketing management and progress your knowledge (don’t keep too long on light reading). The amazing aspect about marketing management is that they provide you the structure, the questions you need to find answers and the frameworks, I believe all this make it very accessible to anyone thirsty to learn.

Also, in these times we are very often overwhelmed by all the uncertainty but especially by the lack of results. This may arouse several emotions and one of them very common is fear that leads to anxiety and stress that in turn clouds our cognitive functions, thereafter our ability to thinking and reasoning. Please make sure you have the support you need and a plan along with a backup plan so you can peace yourself in moments of stress.

The services provided by BIPC are treasurable. Depending on what stage of development you are in, you can learn a big deal from going to the workshops and then deepen your need for assistance with the Expert in residence. More, if you don’t have an office please consider leaving your place and go to the quiet rooms or the cafeteria at The Mitchell Library!

Good Luck, and keep in mind having your own business is more a process rather than an overnight happening. However, don’t let it stop you but get to it – prepare yourself, find the resources and the assistance available. Entrepreneurship is an amazing growth opportunity.


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