The Moira Burgess Collection

A collection of material relating to the Glasgow Novel.

About Moira Burgess

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Moira Burgess. Image copyright Angela Innes

Moira Burgess is a writer, editor and former librarian, who has compiled and edited many books and essays, showcasing the contributions of Scottish writers. Many of her own novels and short stories are inspired by the City of Glasgow.

In 1999, Moira kindly donated over 200 of her own Glasgow novels to the Glasgow Collection here at the Mitchell Library.

Glasgow novels: donated to the Mitchell Library by Moira Burgess, May 1999

About the collection

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Cover, Imagine a City (1998).

This collection of material, containing her collected research on 256 Glasgow novelists, was begun by her while she was researching her thesis, and it informed her later writings including The Glasgow Novel, 1870-1970 (1972), Streets of Stone: An Anthology of Glasgow Short Stories, co-edited with Hamish Whyte (1985), Streets of Gold, co-edited with Hamish Whyte (1989), Imagine a City: Glasgow in Fiction (1998), Land Lines: An Illustrated Journey through the Landscape and Literature of Scotland & Mitchison’s Ghosts (2008).

Types of material includes notes, drafts of articles, correspondence, copies of articles, newspaper clippings, and some letters / autographs of various Glasgow writers. The collection contains index cards for each individual novel, and for individual items within the folders, including those for an unwritten 4th edition of her bibliography of the Glasgow Novel.

Finding aid

The collection contains index cards. Please email Special Collections or phone 0141 287 2988 if you would like to access this collection.

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