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Cairns Mitchell Map Gallery - Cairns Mitchell Map Collection

Cairns Mitchell Maps Cairns Mitchell Maps

Ortelius, Abraham. Scotia Tabula. 2nd copy. 1573 
A collection of 65 early maps and sea charts relating primarily to Scotland. They were orginally part of a larger donation given to The Mitchell Library in 1923 and 1928 by the Rev. John Cairns Mitchell, a retired clergyman, who lived in Ardnadam in Argyllshire​.  
The maps provide an excellent overview of  the way Scotland and its coastline has been depicted from the 16th century until the late 1800s. Many of them were published abroad, including a number of French maps. For some strange reason, there is a solitary ​map of Denmark, dated 1814.
Most of the maps have been taken from atlases or books and the collection includes many well-known map-makers and engravers: Mercator, Ortelius, Joan and Willem Blaeu, Jan Jansson, Robert Gordon, John Adair and James Dorret. 
How to find items in the Cairns Mitchell Maps Collection How to find items in the Cairns Mitchell Maps Collection

This collection is not available in the online catalogue. You can view a list of maps in Cairns Mitchell Collection as a PDF. 

Some of the maps are included in the gallery below. To view more please visit Special Collections, Level 5, Mitchell Library.