The Mitchell Library is famed for the impressive carpets. The Mitchell's were designed by A F Stoddards of Elderslie in Renfrewshire, which has connections to Templetons, the internationally renowned Glasgow carpet firm. Designed for the new extension, which saw the St Andrew's Halls incorporated into the Mitchell Library after a devastating fire in the 1960s, and laid at considerable expense they have stood the test of time!

The Glasgow Crest

Glasgow Crest Carpet

Designed to represent the City of Glasgow's Crest, it features a bell, fish and tree as well as a book to pay homage to it's place in the library, it was laid in the Glasgow Room on Level 3 when the "new building" opened and is also found in the stacks area of the main hall. The area is now used for the Law and Advice section

Download and colour in your own Glasgow Crest Carpet (PDF, 795KB)

The Paisley Pattern

Paisley Pattern Carpet

Found on Level 4 this carpet represents the world famous Paisley Pattern.

Download and colour in your own Paisley Pattern Carpet (PDF, 371 KB)

The Celtic Knot

Celtic knot

Found on Level 2 this carpet is in the Baillie's Reading Room which is joined to Level 3 with an internal stair (with a third carpet design). The pattern was also used (with purple colours) in a staff area on Level 6.

Download and colour in your own Celtic Knot Carpet (PDF, 1MB)


The Circles

circles carpet

Found on Level 4, this carpet was inspired by the music collection originally located in that area. Now it is home to part of the General Collection

Download and colour in your own Circles Carpet (PDF, 1.1MB)


The Squares


Found on Level 5, this carpet was originally laid in the Literature and History Department (the area now houses Special Collections).

Download and colour in your own Square Carpet (PDF, 172KB)