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Library Charges Library Charges




If you live within the Glasgow City Council boundary and meet any of the following criteria, you are entitled to a concessionary discount on a range of library services provided by Culture and Sport Glasgow.  


                                              Proof of Entitlement

Aged 60 or over                    Any proof of age documentation
                                              (i.e. national entitlement card, pension                                                          notification, passport, driving licence) 


Full-time Students                 Matriculation card or letter from educational

                                              establishment confirming full-time study status                                                                     

Asylum Seekers                   Letter from Home Office confirming status 


National Entitlement Card Holders               Valid card

Disabled Persons Railcard                          Valid card

Glasgow Young Scot or Kidz Card               Valid card


Anyone in receipt of the following benefits (upon receipt of a Letter of entitlement or bank statement dated within the last 3 months)


Carers Allowance

Council Tax Benefit

Incapacity Benefit

Disability Working Allowance

Disability Living Allowance

War Disablement Pension

Universal Credit           

 Previously   –   Housing Benefit / Income Support / Working Tax Credit / Child Tax          Credit  /  Income based Jobseekers’ Allowance / Income Based Employment Support Allowance)




Borrowing Entitlement


Borrowing Entitlement for Adults


  • 12 books for 3 weeks

  • 6 DVDs for 1  Week



Borrowing Entitlement for Children and Young People


  • 6 books for 3 weeks

  • 6 DVDs for 1 week






Borrowing Entitlement

for eOffer Stock


Borrowing eStock does not interfere with a borrower’s physical book/DVD borrowing limits:




Overdrive                      8 eBooks/eAudiobooks


BorrowBox                    8 eAudiobooks and 8 eBooks


RB digital Magazines     Unlimited downloads


RB digital audiobook      10 eAudiobooks/eBooks


Comics Plus                  25 eComics over any

                                    7 day period


Freegal                         Unlimited streaming & 5 free
                                    downloads per week







Borrower Charges




Overdue fines per item


         1 - 7 days                                                    £  0.50

         Up to 2 weeks                                             £  1.00

         Up to 3weeks                                              £  1.50

         Up to 4 weeks                                             £  2.00



Maximum charge for overdue fines on all items is £12.00



Reservations                                                      Free

Inter-Library Loans                                             £7.50






Overdue Charges




Books / DVDs


Adults    1-7 Days              £0.50


              Up to 2 weeks             £1.00

              Up to 3 weeks             £1.50

              Up to 4 weeks             £2.00





The maximum charge for overdue items is £12.00








Course Charges


Computer Based Courses


ECDL                                                     £200.00

ECDL Essentials                                     £150.00

ECDL Extra                                            £165.00

Getting Started – Core programme          Free


Other Courses


Irish Family History (3hr session)             £  30.00







Photocopying Charges


Black and White


A4     £0.10

A3     £0.20





A4     £1.00

A3     £2.00



Microfiche Readers/Printers


A4     £1.00

A3     £1.50



Fax Charges


Group A (UK destinations)


       First Page                                £1.60

       Additional Pages                       £0.70

       Receipt per page                      £0.70

       Notification by telephone           £0.70



Group B (European Destinations)


       First Page                                £2.70

       Additional pages                       £1.00

       Receipt per page                      £1.20



Group C (Outwith Europe)


       First Page                                 £4.00

       Additional Pages                       £1.30

       Receipt per page                      £1.30