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Children's Collection

Children's Collection Children's Collection
Illustration from the Animal's Rebellion, c.1890
Illustration from 'The Animals' Rebellion', published c. 1890
The Mitchell Library has a collection of over 1,500 children's books, including fairy stories, classic novels, annuals, picture books, nursery rhymes, school books and encyclopedias. The majority of titles are pre-1939, often with a Scottish connection. Many have fine pictorial bindings, typical of 19th century children's books.
The collection mirrors the development of children's literature - from the 'improving' stories of the Victorian age to the colourful Christmas annuals of the 20th century. Popular authors like GA Henty, Arthur Ransome and RL Stevenson are well represented alongside titles which were once firm favourites but are now forgotten, such as the 'Elsie' series of books by Martha Finley or 'The Lamplighter' by Maria S. Cummins.
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