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This A-Z gives you a quick way to find particular topics or collections.

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A small collection of material relating to the 156th Field Ambulance Association.


A collection of material with a Glasgow connection, including Old Glasgow Club Transactions, photographs of Glasgow tram cars, and typescripts of books on Glasgow history.

A large collection of material relating to the anarchist and socialist Guy Aldred (1886-1963), including his own scrapbooks.

A small collection of books published in Braille. 

A collection of theatre programmes from Glasgow amateur theatre and operatic clubs.

A large collection of photographs and volumes by Thomas Annan, James Craig Annan, and John Annan.

●   Art and Design

A wealth of resources in a variety of formats, covering a wide range of art and design topics.


A collection of over 4000 volumes, rich in local histories, early Glasgow newspapers, printed books and many other treasures.

A small collection of material about the Bargarran Witchcraft case of 1696/7.

An extensive collection of books, correspondence and other personal papers, photographs, maps, news cuttings, exam certificates covering many aspects of the writer's life and work.

A collection of 'Mock Valentines' illustrations produced in the 1840s and 1850s by Glasgow based printers Bell & Bain.

A collection of the papers of Colonel Robert James Bennett, including some correspondence relating to the bequest of his library to Baillie's Library in 1917.

A collection documenting the administrative running of the George Bennie Airspeed Railway Limited company along with varied ephemera related to the construction of the mile long test run in Milngavie.

A collection of material relating to Helen Broadbent's environmental activism as part of the "Glasgow for People" campaign.

A collection of material relating to the Glasgow Novel.

One of the largest Robert Burns collections in the world. Includes editions, manuscripts, translations, periodicals and ephemera.


A collection of 65 early maps and sea charts relating primarily to Scotland.

A small collection of early 20th century manuscript recipe books for confectionery and desserts.

A collection of letters to and from Catherine and Donald Carswell.

Material compiled by bicyclist Thomas Chambers, including diaries, maps, and memorabilia about his cycling journeys.

A collection of chapbooks, mainly printed in Glasgow in the 18th and 19th centuries.

A collection of over 1,500 children's books , including fairy stories, classic novels, annuals, picture books, nursery rhymes, school books and encyclopedias. The majority of titles are pre-1939, many with a Scottish connection.

A collection of research material for Edward Chisnall's radio series The Bell in the Tree: The Glasgow Story, first broadcast in 1982. Includes other local history notes about Glasgow.

A collection of material relating to the annual City Bakeries Boys' Camp.

A collection of material relating to Grace Clark and Colin Murray, two of Scotland's best-known entertainers of the post-War period.

A collection of 56 old ‘hard tartans’ brought together by Lieutenant-General Sir William Cockburn in the early 19th century.

A small collection of material from the Possilpark branch of Cowlairs Cooperative Womens Guild, Possilpark.

A collection of material relating to the Scottish script writer, Bill Craig.

A collection of late 17th century pamphlets on the political and religious upheavals of the time.

A collection of over one hundred pamphlets from the 19th century, mostly on Presbyterianism and other religious topics.


A collection containing around 3000 items of sheet music from the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

A small collection of material related to the Glasgow novelist, Margaret Thomson Davis.

A collection of ephemera and other material relating to the lives and performance careers of variety artists Violet and Lloyd Day.

A large collection of material from one of Scotland's best known writers for children.

A collection of scrapbooks from 1914-1942, containing articles by and about Sir Patrick Dollan.

Reports, letters and typescripts relating to Raya Dunayevskaya’s books, including Marxism and Freedom.

Sheet music and vocal scores of the Dunedin Association of Scottish interest or by Scottish composers.

A collection of over 6000 volumes and 172 Japanese art works from Henry Dyer (1848-1918), engineer, educationalist and writer.


A collection of books and pamphlets about social and labour history.

A collection of material relating to the Empire Exhibition held at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow between May and October 1938.


●   Family History

A large, varied and growing collection of resources, in print and online, to help you research your family history and genealogy.

A collection of 18th century printed engravings from the Foulis Academy and books from the printers Robert and Andrew Foulis of Glasgow.

A collection of over 250 books, many with fine illustrations, by the Edinburgh publishers. T.N. Foulis.

A collection of business papers of the Glasgow artist Annie French.


Material relating to the novel The Trick Is To Keep Breathing (1989) and the short story collection, Blood (1991), including stories not in the published book.

A collection of the works of Robert Louis Stevenson as well as bibliographies, biography and articles about the author.

A small collection of records from the Glasgow Amateur Swimming Club.

Material documenting the administrative history of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Association for Women's Suffrage.

Material documenting the administrative history of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Mission to the Outdoor Blind.

A collection of records and papers of the Glasgow Angus and Mearns Benevolent Society.

A collection of material on the administrative history of the Glasgow Ballad Club.

Material relating to administrative history of the Glasgow Caledonian Strathspey and Reel Society, including concert programmes and photographs.

A collection of 56 photographs showing the construction of the Glasgow Central Railway in the 1890s.

A foundation collection of The Mitchell Library, and now one of the largest, created in 1874 to collect Glasgow-related material in any medium.  

A collection of material relating to the activities of the Glasgow Conservation Trust West including publications, annual accounts, minutes, reports and public inquiries.

Material relating to The Morven Association, a 'county' association in Glasgow with links to the North of Scotland.

A collection of material from and relating to the Glasgow branch of the National Abortion Campaign.

Material documenting the administrative history of the Glasgow Society of Lady Artists.

The collection covers the administrative history of the organisation from 1893-1983 including committee minutes, cash ledgers and benevolent funds.

A collection of negatives and prints of photographs taken by William Graham.


A collection of materials used by Harding in his research for an intended book about English opera from 1885 - 1939. 

A collection of books and pamphlets focusing on the game of draughts.

 A large, varied and growing collection of resources, in print and online, to help you explore the many overlaps between family and local history, and to research your ancestors in a local context.


A collection of material relating to the disaster at the Ibrox Football Stadium disaster in January 1971, received from Dallas, McMillan & Sinclair, Solicitors.

The library of Professor Cosmo Innes (1798 – 1874)

A large collection of correspondence from Charlotte, Lady Inverclyde, documenting her involvement in philanthropic causes in the early 20th century.

Sheet music of songs and piano music from Victorian and Edwardian era, as well as dance band arrangements of 1920s, 30s and 40s.


An outstanding collection of over 4,000 books bequeathed to the Mitchell Library in 1902. It contains many first editions, fine bindings, illustrated works, especially natural history, and studies of birds.

A small collection of published literature on the history of tobacco and smoking which includes cigars, snuff, tobacco manufacturers, pipes and cigarette cards.


A complete set of books produced by William Morris at his Kelmscott press.

A large collection of folk and Early English sheet music from the 16th to the 19th century.


Around 400 albums containing approximately a quarter of a million photographs of transport subjects, particularly shipping, taken by Graham Langmuir. It is comprised of thousands of negatives, glass plate negatives and slides.

A unique album sent from the besieged women of Leningrad to the women of Coatbridge and Airdrie.

A collection of over 100 volumes of press cuttings and photographs covering the business and social life of Sir Thomas Lipton.

●   Local History

A large, varied and growing collection of resources, in print and online, relating to the history and development of Glasgow and its people.


A collection of around 5,000 items of periodicals, posters, broadsides, photographs and pamphlets issued during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939.

A large collection of material relating to the life and career of Matt McGinn, prominent Scottish folk singer and songwriter.

A collection of books focused on the activity of mountaineering.

A collection of books, pamphlets correspondence and other materials reflecting the political interests of the Scottish Socialist Harry McShane

●   Maps

An extensive collection of maps and atlases with some 35,000 sheet maps and 300 atlases.

Material relating to the 1933 Mackintosh Memorial Exhibition at McLellan Galleries, organised by James Meldrum and William Davidson.

Material relating to the career of pilot Bertha Murray Miller.

A collection of over 200 miniature books.

A collection of digital photographs of Glasgow from 1990 to the present.

A collection of about 3000 books, manuscripts and music scores from the Moody-Manners Opera Company.

A collection of material donated by Edwin Morgan (1920-2010), the well-known Glasgow poet and first Scottish 'Makar'.

A small collection of books and pamphlets on the subject of books and publishing.

A collection of Alfred Morton's diaries, journals, books of poetry, notebooks and associated newscuttings.

A small collection of correspondence and news cuttings relating to Helen Moyes (1881-1979), activist in the women’s suffrage movement, public speaker and the first woman to be selected as a parliamentary candidate in Glasgow.

●   Music

Sheet music and musical scores, books on music and musicians, music practice carrels and scores for hire and music Special Collections.

A collection of scrapbooks for concert and music reviews and news from the 19th and 20th centuries.


A collection of 20th century literature, all signed by authors who came to talk to meetings with the National Book League, Glasgow Branch.

A small collection of material relating to the National Burns Club.

●   Newspapers

An extensive collection of local and national newspapers.

A photographic archive of one of the most famous companies of locomotive builders in Britain.


A collection of material relating to Hengler’s Circus in Glasgow.

A collection of official government posters dating from the 1940s to the early 1950s.


Over the years, the Mitchell Library and other community libraries have accumulated a small collection of paintings from bequests, donations, loans and gifts.

A collection of books and pamphlets focused on the subject of shorthand writing and phonography.

A collection of over 3000 broadsides sold from “The Poet’s Box” in Glasgow.

A collection of more than 2,000 private press books from more than 200 presses.


A collection of books by and about notable figures in the Quaker religion and movement, dating from the 17th to the 20th centuries.


A collection of around 700 books on angling, fishing styles, prominent fishing areas across the world and related topics. It was the personal library of Dr. William Loudon Reid, a Scottish doctor and enthusiastic salmon fisherman.

A collection of books and pamphlets featuring Reynard the Fox, a well-known character in medieval fables.

A collection of photographs of railway subjects in Scotland.

A collection of music recordings and manuscripts, research notes, and photographs of harps and musicians. Includes Gaelic songs. 


A collection of material relating to the Scottish composer Francis George ('F.G.') Scott.

A small collection of books, manuscripts and periodical articles by or about Sir Walter Scott.

A collection of correspondence and business papers relating to the administrative history and activities of the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) between the years 1956-60.

A small collection of items relating to the Scottish Islamic Tartan.

A collection of over 12,000 volumes of all editions of the works of Scottish poets. Includes anthologies, biographies and critical and historical studies.

A collection of material about the Scottish armies, regiments and individual soldiers that helped shape the events of military warfare throughout the world.

A collection of manuscripts, correspondence and photographs by and about the writer Robert William Service.

A collection of books, manuscripts, catalogues, scrapbooks and drawings by and about the painter William Simpson.

Minute books and cash books of the Glasgow Emancipation Society from its institution in 1833 until 1876.

A collection of thirteen letters from Madeleine Smith, the Glasgow socialite who was the accused in a sensational murder trial in Scotland in 1857, to her lover Pierre Emile L’Angelier.

A collection of sheet music and song albums from the 50s, 60s and 70s, used in STV productions.

A collection of fifteen dramatic posters from the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939.

A collection of over 2,000 books by and about the Swedish philosopher and theologian, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772).


A collection of scrapbooks of concert criticisms written by Robert W Turnbull, music critic of the Glasgow Herald.


Explore Glasgow’s history through this online collection of 9000 images. Brings Glasgow's past to life and is a great place to start researching local history in Glasgow and surrounding areas. There are thousands of photographs featuring Glasgow's buildings and streets as well as people going about their daily lives.


A collection of books, pamphlets and government publications on the subject of animal rights and vivisection.

A small collection of material on the subject of weaving.

A collection of mountaineering journals and an extensive archive of photographic negatives taken by leading Scottish climber, naturalist, writer, photographer and broadcaster Tom Weir.

A collection of books on the subject of architecture belonging to the architect William Brown Whitie.

A collection of mostly late 18 century books and pamphlets printed by Ayrshire printers John and Peter Wilson./span>

A large collection of memorabilia relating to Celtic Football Club.

A collection of over 4,000 illustrations chronicling the rise and progress of shipbuilding and shipping on the River Clyde, the West Coast of Scotland and the Channel.


A collection of about 400 books in the Yiddish language, formerly stock from Gorbals District Library which was purchased to serve the Jewish community in Glasgow. The collection is now housed in the Mitchell Library.

A collection of material belonging to Glasgow art teacher Alex M. Young who was captured by the Japanese army after the fall of Singapore in 1942 and spent three and half years as a Japanese Prisoner of War.

A unique collection of personal scrapbooks compiled by William Young, R.S.W. which contain cuttings, photographs, journal articles and ephemera relating to Glasgow at the end of the 19th and beginning of 20th century.