The Dunedin Collection

Sheet music and vocal scores, with a Scottish connection or interest, from the Dunedin Association.

About the collection

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Examples of sheet music in the Dunedin Collection

The Dunedin Association “for the promotion and development of Scottish music” was established in Edinburgh in 1911. The Association lapsed in 1917 until 1939 when the innovative modernist composer Dr Erik Chisholm became its new President. By the 1940s the Association was more active in Glasgow than Edinburgh.

The collection of 17 boxes contains sheet music and vocal scores with a Scottish interest or connection, mainly by Scottish composers, including Donald Tovey and Alexander Campbell MacKenzie.

Finding aid

There is a paper Slip Index to the Dunedin Collection on level 4 of The Mitchell Library.

Further reading

Read more about Erik William Chisholm in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Several articles can be found in Access to Research.

Image gallery

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Jubilee Ode by A.C. Mackenzie


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The Elves and the Shoemaker by W. McNaught


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The Empire Flag


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Two Songs


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Wishes! by Bothwell Thomson

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