The Clem Edwards Collection

A collection of books and pamphlets about social and labour history.

About the collection

A collection of over 1300 items consisting of books, press cuttings and pamphlets. The collection gives a complete survey of 25 years of the Labour Movement, collected by Clem Edwards. It was donated by Lords Riddell, Inverforth and Glyndside to The Mitchell Library in 1924.


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Examples of items in the Clem Edwards Collection

About Clem Edwards

Clem Edwards (1869-1938) was a Liberal Member of Parliament and a barrister who specialised in trade union cases. His association with the unions began in 1889 when he helped organise the great dock strike of that year.

He was Chairman of the National Democratic party from 1918-20, labour editor of The Sun (1893) and The Echo (1894), and author of various articles on economics and politics, nationalisation, and trade union law. 

A full biography of Clem Edwards is available on the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography website. You can access this from home or in the library using your library card.

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