Empathy Day

Empathy Day 9th June 2022


About Empathy Day

Empathy Day was founded by EmpathyLab in 2017. It aims to help us all understand each other better, and spark a new national conversation about how to build a more empathetic society. It features creative book-focused activities to help young people learn about and practise empathy skills by feeling empathy for characters.

The theme this year is empathy, our human superpower – a special skill you can develop to transform your life, your relationships and the world itself.

Borrow the Empathy Day Collections

Glasgow Life wholeheartedly support Empathy Day and have created a selection of e-books and Audiobooks which you can borrow from the Kids and Teens pages of Overdrive. Physical copies of some of the books are also available in our libraries. You can browse through some of them or search for them in our online catalogue. Some illuminate the experience of people from a range of cultures or life circumstances. Others help children explore emotions, so they can understand how other people feel. Several reflect stories of our time, such as the refugee experience, or coping with anxiety. All are engaging and thought provoking.

Some Kids ebooks / audiobooks on Overdrive

Some Teen ebooks / audiobooks on Overdrive

The full lists and downloadable guides are available from the Empathy Day website.

The Empathy Superpower Challenge

The Empathy Superpower Challenge is made up of nine different tasks, each one helping you to boost your empathy skills. Complete three tasks and you'll earn yourself a badge to share with the world. Complete all nine and you'll be able to download a certificate - signed by Michael Rosen!

The challenges include Speak Empathy to Power, Empathy Resolutions and the Listening Switch Power Bank. For more details go to the Empathy Day Superpower Challenge page.

Empathy Day LIVE!

There’s a super-charged morning of Empathy Superpower activities packed full of your favourite authors and illustrators – ready to stream into your home. In addition to streaming live on the Empathy Day page on 9 June, all of the video content will also be available to watch on-demand on the EmpathyLab YouTube channel.

Authors include Rob Biddulph, Malorie Blackman, Sita Brahmachari, Maisie Chan, Sue Cheung, Joseph Coelho, Cressida Cowell, Jamie Littler, Elle McNicoll, Michael Morpurgo, Tom Palmer, Tom Percival, Liz Pichon, Onjali Q. Rauf, Michael Rosen, Rashmi Sirdeshpande, Lemn Sissay and Jacqueline Wilson.

Family Activities Pack

This pack helps you prepare for Empathy Day on 9 June, and the Empathy Superpower Challenge. It offers families practical ways to build empathy, using stories as a tool and aims to make sure every child feels understood and has the chance to develop the important life skill of empathy.

You can do the challenge activities in any order. All that’s required is scrap paper and a pencil and there’s no need to print the pack. Get stuck in!

Empathy Shorts

Empathy Shorts are designed to make sure that every child has access to an empathy boosting story. Authors include Matt Abbot, Alex Cotter, Matthew Fox, Helen Rutter Joshua Siegal and Rashmi Sirdeshpande. Some are read aloud by author. They can be accessed on the Empathy Shorts page.

Empathy Day Illustrators' Gallery

Pictures play a vital role in conveying emotions and feelings. The use of certain colours, a detail of a facial expression, or the use of white space all help readers understand their own and other people's perspectives.

The #ReadForEmpathy Illustrators’ Gallery includes work by Abigail Balfe, Karen George, Jen Khatun, Chie Kutsuwada, Fiona Lumbers, Jane Ray and Jacinta Read.

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