We have a rich and extensive collection of newspapers, from our earliest newspaper The Glasgow Courant of 1715 to today’s copy of The Herald in the Mitchell Library. 

Newspapers give a valuable insight into past generations and their communities as well as a record of local, national and international events ranging from the sinking of the Titanic to Partick Thistle's Scottish League Cup win.

War over: VE DAy is today - front cover of The Bulletin

Newspaper Holdings

Our newspaper holdings are especially strong for Glasgow newspapers of all periods, but also includes selected UK press titles, both current and historical, some Scottish regional titles, and a selection of community language newspapers.

View Mitchell Library newspaper holdings in the online catalogue.

View a list of all newspapers held in the Mitchell here (PDF 188KB).

All newspapers - current and historical - can be accessed on Level 5 in The Mitchell.

Newspapers Online

We subscribe to several online newspaper databases offering you free access as a library member to millions of newspaper pages.

British Newspaper Archive is the digitised archive of 40 million pages from the British Library's collection of British Newspapers. Access hundreds of historic newspapers from all over Britain and Ireland. Free access is available on site in any Glasgow library.

Scotsman 1817-1950 -  from Pro-Quest’s Historic Newspapers collection- provides genealogists, researchers and scholars with online, easily-searchable first-hand accounts and unparalleled coverage of the politics, society and events of the time.

Free access with your library card and PIN at home or any Glasgow library. 

Proquest Central provides access to contemporary news resources from around the globe and includes European, US and Canadian Newsstream.

Free access with your library card and PIN at home or any Glasgow library. 

Further reading

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Glasgow's first newspaper

Glasgow Courant


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Copy services

For private research, and within copyright, self-service coin operated copiers for microfilm and loose copies are available. However, copying from bound volumes is undertaken by our Photographic Service. 

If you need copies for any reason other than private research, or any commercial purpose, please contact Special Collections

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