Poem by Vera Inber Poem by Vera Inber

Page 36 To the women of Airdrie, Coatbridge and Woodside

We Women of Leningrad send greetings to you women of Scotland and our allies. Distance is no hindrance to you or us. For the sake of our common cause there is no thing as distance. We are waging a fight against the Hitlerites over the whole continent in the wake of our husbands. Let us speed up the day and celebrate our common victory in a common language.

(Signed) V.I. [Vera Inber]

Leningrad 1942


The last message in the Leningrad Album was in verse, written for the women of Airdrie and Coatbridge by the Moscow poet, Vera Mikhaylovna Inber (1890-1972).  Inber lived Leningrad throughout the siege; she and her husband, the director of the First Medical Institute in Leningrad, chose to come to the city just before it was encircled knowing the imminent danger. Vera Inber believed it was her duty as a poet to experience at first hand and to record the worst sufferings.