Treacle Walker / Alan Garner

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Treacle Walker / Alan Garner
Treacle Walker / Alan Garner
Author: Garner, Alan
Publication year: 2022
Language: English
Media class: Book
Publisher: 4th Estate
ISBN: 9780008477806 0008477809
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Available: 47
Total copies: 67
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Number of reservations: 1

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If you're not already a fan of Alan Garner you may struggle with this supremely strange novel. The book made the 2022 Booker shortlist and received huge critical acclaim. I'm afraid though I found it immensely frustrating, and kept wondering if I was missing something. I usually like being puzzled as I read, but I also like some unravelling of those puzzles eventually. In this book I was as mystified at the end as I'd been all the way through. Don't let this put you off: it's an easy read, and there are surreal moments that are exciting and entertaining, and the quirky language is fascinating; just don't expect any easy explanations.



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