The Survivor Arts Community

The Survivor Arts Community

Angela Spoto of Uncovered Artistry, now The Survivor Arts Community, tells us how the Power Up project - Making digital work for microbusiness - at the Business & IP Centre at The Mitchell Library has helped her business.

Power Up helps Uncovered Artistry discover the power of the brand

Power Up has helped Uncovered Artistry understand the importance of branding in an online environment.

Uncovered Artistry is a Community Interest Company, based in Glasgow, that runs free creative projects and one-off workshops for survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse which aims to display participant’s creative output to the public.

Uncovered Artistry’s website and social media presence is managed by a small team of 4 volunteers who lack the digital skills and knowledge to make best use of social media platforms like Instagram. Motivated to improve their skills, a member of their team found information about the Power Up project on Glasgow Libraries website and Angela Spoto, registered to attend a free ‘Digital Marketing Expert in Residence’ advice session with Jamie McCoy.

“Jamie gave us ideas on how we could use Instagram in our business. He asked us questions to help clarify how we could use it – did we want to increase awareness or increase participation? Previously we didn’t know where to begin, now we do”

“The meeting prompted us to think about our brand and how we reach our audience” Angela Spoto

Angela found the information and advice from the session to be very useful, driving discussions within the company on how to progress their brand and social media strategy. As a result of attendance, Uncovered Artistry have successfully rebranded as The Survivor Arts Community and implemented changes to their online presence to engage more effectively with their audience.

“We rebranded, which included a new name, a new logo, redesigning the website, and updating our social media sites (Facebook & Instagram). We also re-wrote our mission”

“The new brand more clearly articulates what we do and who we support. The logo is more suitable for social media - it better expresses who we are and who we support while being social-media friendly. We've also recently started working with a volunteer who is going to be running much of our social media for us, which means we can start engaging with our followers in more creative ways” Angela Spoto

Engaging with Power Up has had a positive impact on the way The Survivors Arts Community view digital within their organisation.

“It got us thinking more about social media and how we project ourselves as a brand. This got us thinking about a rebrand, which we successfully did!” Angela Spoto


For more information on The Survivor Arts Community visit their website