To the Communist Party of Airdrie Women's Section To the Communist Party of Airdrie Women's Section

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To the Communist Party of Airdrie, Women’s Section

Dear Comrades: We women of Leningrad, a city which bears the name of the great Lenin, send you our sincere greetings and shake you by the hand. For many months now we and the sections of the Red Army have been making all possible efforts to prevent the enemy from breaking into our beloved city. We are inspired and strengthened in this difficult struggle by Stalin. Our strength grows every day. Your letter once again convinced us that we are not alone. The friendly people of Great Britain and America and all freedom-loving and progressive mankind are with us. We very much appreciate your undertaking to work so as to help us speed up the victory over the enemy. We will not spare our strength and will fight to ensure that not one member of the German occupation forces remains in our country. 1942 must become the year in which the German invaders are defeated, the year in which Hitler is smashed. Together with you under the banner of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin – forward to victory.