To the Women of Airdrie To the Women of Airdrie

Page 17 Illustration: Rostral Columns*

To the women of Airdrie

Dear sisters: we are moved by the friendly expression of your feelings, your thoughts about is and your support. Help us to be staunch in bearing all the difficulties of the fight against the common enemy. We firmly believe that by uniting out and your efforts we shall help to overcome the Hilterite hordes in 1942.



* The Rostral Columns feature prominently in the illustrations. They were erected along the banks of the River Neva in Leningrad and in the park of the summer palace of Pushkin. They recalled the ancient Roman practice of sawing into pieces of ships captured from the enemy and embedding their prows in victory columns. They also had a practical purpose in Leningrad – they served as beacons for ships coming into the harbour.