Unitic Ltd

Unitic Ltd co-founder Aamir Khan looks after marketing activities for the Glasgow-based start-up and has boosted his digital skills through BIPC Glasgow’s Power Up project - Making digital work for microbusiness.

Aamir Khan is one of the co-founders of consumer electronics start-up Unitic, a company with a mission to make roads safer by developing innovative products. Aamir looks after marketing activities for the business and has told us how attending Power Up sessions has helped him boost his digital skills and implement new strategies in promoting the company.

Unitic is a start-up technology company based in Glasgow, which currently employs three people, and is in the initial stages of setting up. The company’s mission is to make roads safer by developing innovative products. Co-founder Aamir Khan tells us how Unitic is starting its journey with its first product ‘RoadSage’.

“Roadsage is a smart device that turns the rear window of a car into a semi-autonomous smart display”, explains Aamir. “The device is a transparent LED display controlled via a dedicated remote control and a voice-activated mobile app. This display can be used to ask tailgaters to maintain safe distance autonomously, users can also display their simple messages they want to convey to other roads users like saying sorry or thank you. Road sage is currently being developed at Edinburgh Napier University with the help of the Scottish Innovation Voucher. Once the functional prototype is developed, Unitic aims to run a crowdfunding campaign.”

Aamir’s role with Unitic sees him take responsibility for the company’s marketing activities but he recognises that the lack of funds and resources associated with working on a start-up poses challenges in their business, particularly when it comes to running paid adverts on social media or building a website with strong SEO:

“I want to master digital marketing skills, which includes social media marketing skills, SEO and email marketing. I would also like to learn about selling innovative products through Amazon and eBay. These skills will help me to turn Unitic into a successful and profitable company. Although sometimes because of business commitments it is hard to free up time to learn new digital skills”.

However, since starting Unitic, Aamir has found that support and resources are available from organisations including BIPC Glasgow, Business Gateway and Scottish Skills Development: “Working on a start-up, I love to learn new things and usually visit BIPC for new webinars and workshops”.

Aamir found out about the Power Up project via the BIPC website, and has since used BIPC Glasgow’s enquiry service and the online Power Up directory to seek out information and help. He’s also attended the Power Up digital technology skills sessions, delivered by Technology Coaching, and a one to one with the BIPC’s Digital Marketing Expert in Residence: “It has helped a lot in applying digital skills, especially social media marketing. Power Up has helped us make quite a few important business decisions, which has led to change in our strategies. After attending Power Up sessions, we decided to make changes in our social media marketing plan, and these changes resulted in us getting more brand awareness and reach”.

Aamir intends to use the skills learned via Power Up to support Unitic’s planned crowdfunding campaign and find customers for their product: “After product development we aim to run the crowdfunding campaign, once the crowdfunding campaign is successful, we will then hit the mass market. We also plan to leverage the power of social media and other digital marketing platforms to reach our end customers”. Beyond that, he hopes that the company will be able to create “more innovation in our current product, and also launch a series of other roads safety-related products in the future.” To follow Unitic Ltd’s progress, follow them on Twitter @uniticltd or LinkedIn 


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This project has been made possible by a grant from Power Up, an initiative by Good Things Foundation with the financial support of JP Morgan.